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We’ve officially sold out of Modus 1.0, but don’t worry: we’re coming out with a new and improved Modus 2.0 in a few months.

Modus was initially designed as the first plant-based protein powder that is better than whey.

We’ve met a few athletes who have loved Modus so much they’ve decided to work with us behind the scenes to make Modus even better. We’re excited to share more details with you soon.

  • Soy Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free



  • 3.5GFATS


Mike Potenza

"Modus plant-based protein gives our athletes an alternative to whey-based recovery products and enhances our recovery nutrition program post training and post game."

- Mike Potenza

Professional Hockey Performance Coach
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Performance-Focused Amino Acid Profile

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Repair Muscle Post-Exercise*

Branch chain amino acids are the essential building blocks for muscle protein synthesis. With 7g per serving, Modus provides even more BCAAs per gram than whey.

Get your blood flowing*

Arginine helps support circulation and oxygenation to the muscles, so you can achieve greater performance with less fatigue.*

Support focus and reaction time*

Tyrosine is a precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine in your brain. Supporting these neurotransmitters helps with focus and promotes faster muscle twitch response.*

Support joints and connective tissue*

Lysine, proline and glycine are the building blocks for collagen, which makes up our joints, connective tissue and bones. Providing joint and connective tissue support is important for all athletes.

Absorption Calibrated for optimal muscle repair post-exercise

Modus is optimized to spark protein synthesis after consumption, then slow-down muscle breakdown post workout.* Our formulation replaces the full BCAA, whey and casein stack.


Absorb Key Amino Acids

A proprietary, predigested mix of key amino acids are absorbed after consumption, sparking protein synthesis.*


Absorb 22g of protein

Then, your body absorbs another 22g of protein (full of essential and branch chain amino acids) that fuels muscle growth post-workout.*


Absorb over 8g of protein

Finally, an 8g dose of protein is absorbed slowly by the body to prevent catabolism of your muscles throughout the day.

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Cutting Edge Plant-based Sources

We look beyond conventional ingredients to deliver a high quality protein using potato, cranberry seed, and pumpkin seed. This combination fills in nutritional gaps found in other plant-based proteins, rivals and exceeds that of dairy proteins, while being mindful of dietary sensitivities.


When engineered for efficiency, potato provides 97-99% protein. Its amino acid profile and digestibility make it an excellent base for Modus Protein.*

Cranberry Seed

Cranberry seed has a unique amino acid profile and protein content, along with anti-oxidant properties.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seed has naturally occuring minerals, fiber, fatty acids and amino acids. Modus contains pumpkin seed protein that is fully soluble while preserving its fantastic nutritional qualities.

Proprietary protein blend

The Modus Protein formulation has higher total free form amino acids and BCAAs compared to whey. It also naturally has arginine, a high source of fiber, and 3.5 grams of total fat per serving.

No pea. No soy. No hemp. No Rice. No grain sources.
No whey. No casein. No dairy-based Proteins.

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NSF Certified for sport

Modus Protein meets the needs of professional athletes at every level, from little league to the Olympic stage. NSF Certified for Sport means that Modus Protein is tested and approved by the independent labs which test athletes for banned substances.

That means everything in Modus Protein…
  • Is approved for use in dietary supplements as regulated by the FDA
  • Contains exactly what’s listed on the label
  • Contains ZERO unsafe substances (like pesticides or heavy metals)
  • Contains ZERO banned substances

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